T'rissonia Sjaal

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T'rissonia Sjaal

Post by T'rissonia » Thu Jun 25, 2009 7:45 pm

((I know it needs work, but it's just a little somethin' for you guys to go by. I'll definitely be coming back later to polish it up and apply more information. ;3 ))

Full Name: T'rissonia Sjaal
Class: Cleric/Spelldancer
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Patron Deity: Eilistraee
Race: Drow (technically half drow, half moon elf)
Gender: Female
Height: 5'1"
Weight: 110 lbs.
Age: 110 ( human years=18 )

T'rissonia was born to a drow cleric and a moon Elven ranger within the warm securities of The Promenade near Skullport. Like her drow mother, T'rissonia grew up with a strong and unwavering faith in the Dark Maiden, Eilistraee - never having to know the cruel, cold prick of Lolth's taint - be it from herself or her clergy.

T'rissonia's mother had abandoned her House name along with her Lolthite culture long ago; And so not wanting to take on her paternal surname in respects to her mother's matriarchal upbringing, T'rissonia instead created her own - favoring the word for "enshrouded" in the Drowic tongue, "Sjaal".

The young drowess had shown a steadfast conviction in the Dark Maiden for as early as she was capable to understand such concepts. Only a mere novice, T'rissonia made it one of her spiritual goals to ascend into priesthood and stand side by side along with her admirable elders, supplying all the more strength and love in the name of their blessed goddess.

When it comes to overall experience, T'rissonia's a mere babe, having known only the perimeters of The Promenade with the exception of the annual moonlight hunts which she is accompanied by the rest of her clergy. As "sheltered" as T'rissonia was kept by her nurturing mother, the young drowess pines to get herself active with Eilistraee's creed; To give charity to strangers and protect the endangered. And now that she is of appropriate age, T'rissonia will tackle with great enthusiasm any task that requires a hand from the Dark Maiden.

T'rissonia has a knack for the arcane and prefers to use spells over tangible weapons whilst in combat. Said spells come from a repertoire which focuses around her deity. An example of these would include spells such as Eilistraee's Moonfire, in which the caster can conjure controlled moonfire. Moonfire can range from a faint glow to a clear, bright (but not blinding) light, varying in hue as desired: blue-white, soft green, white, and silver. It serves as a source of light for reading, finding one's way, and attracting others to a desired location. Moonfire is the same as the strongest moonlight for all purposes. Eilistraee’s moonfire lasts for one round per level of the caster. Concentration is not required to maintain it, but it can be ended at will by the summoner, by a successful dispel magic spell, or by any darkness spell cast against it for this purpose (which the Eihsrraee's moonfire negates during its own destruction).

Another is Lesser Spellsong, that enables the caster, by song and supplication to Eilistraee, to cause an effect equivalent to almost any desired priest spell of 3rd level or less, in effect casting the spell with normal effects, range, duration, saving throws, and so on, but without the usual gestures or (most often) material components. However, spells that require material components in excess of 100 gp in value require an additional round of singing to be added to the casting time for each 100 gp of value or fraction thereof of the material component. Spells that specify that the material component cannot be eliminated or substituted for cannot be created with lesser spellsong. The caster must be able to move (hands and shoulders at least) and sing free of magical silencing. Priests of Eilistraee are trained to sing when in pain and can sing while dodging about in combat.

Description: Being a devout and unyielding cleric of Eilsitraee, T'rissonia personally sees to it that she appropriately express such through her visage - taking great care and pleasure in adorning herself with items that give off a lunar beauty.

She is of lithe and firm proportions, a form acquired from years of vigorous dancing in glory to her goddess, as well as for recreational reasons. Her flesh is spotless of imperfections and rich with a sable complexion, accented by indigo undertones. Spools of glossy white that possesses a vivid blue adularescence, much like that of moonstones, cradles the peak of T'rissonia's heart-shaped face of seraphic structure; tumbling in a plethora of waves over her slender shoulders, and springing in coils below her curvaceous thighs.

This, along with long, white-lashed eyes that encase the intensity of two blue topazes are the most blatant features inherited from her Moon-Elven father.

A shimmering moon-dust appearance encircles her eyes, and pearlescent sheen paints her lips. Crafted gems are commonly planted in between her brows, vertically down her high forehead, and/or below the corners of her doe-eyes. She sometimes wears a crown of large, white wild flowers; circlets, tassels, various jewelry and charms, as well as long feathers from pheasants weave and wisp along the streams of T'rissonia's hair. Not one feature is left unaccessorized or ungarnished; This goes anywhere from the bead and precious stone embroidered boustie and the heavily filigreed skirt pieces consisting of jingling belts; light, silken, and opaque cloth - to T'rissonia's limbs.

Artistically beaded necklaces dangle from her slender neck. Bands of silver, moonstone, opal, and other minerals grip her upper arms, lower arms - even miniature variants adorn her fingers - with rather large, garish bracelets free to slide from wrist to elbow.

From the moments that her shapely legs are flashed through this opalescent waterfall, one will most likely catch a glimpse of her footwear ranging between thinly strapped sandals that wrap up around her shins to dainty shoes with slim heels.

This quasi-tribal attire only accentuates and over exaggerates T'rissonia's movements, adding supple sounds and motion to her physical gestures. And her tattoos of silvery scroll-work slides over the musculature of her abdomen whilst in motion, be it dancing or striding, enhancing the exotic, almost dream-like aesthetics of her illusion.
“You have turned for me my mourning into dancing: you have put off my sackcloth, and girded me with gladness; To the end that my glory may sing praises to you, and not be silent."

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Talwyn Aureliano
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Post by Talwyn Aureliano » Fri Jun 26, 2009 12:26 am

That's an excellent backstory/profile T'rissonia. I like the description of the character, very vivid and you're use of language is really very apt and evocative.

Well done :)
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Aylstra Illianniis
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Post by Aylstra Illianniis » Fri Jun 26, 2009 7:09 pm

She sounds like an interesting character. I'll have to go read your story!
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Thalon Mercrow
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Post by Thalon Mercrow » Sat Sep 12, 2009 3:18 am

i agree with Talwyn its a brillent backstory! :D in fact its inspired me to update my backstory too so keep a look out yall!

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