The Citadel Of Chaos

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The Citadel Of Chaos

Post by tmanofctown » Sun Jun 07, 2009 7:14 pm

For those of you who don't know "Citadel of Chaos" is book form a series of choose your own adventure novels that include the roll of the die and a some wise decision making. I'm looking for one adventurer to brave the Citadel. It's really more of a work your way through a dungeon than roleplaying, but I would like to give it a shot. This is played using 2 six-sided dice. I am going to take the first person who says that they are interested. If they quit and someone else is interested in playing then I'll just stat over again.

[url= ... 4:2xnclwk9]Adventure Sheet (reccomended you print)[/url:2xnclwk9]


The Lawful goodfolk of the Vale of Willow have lived for some eight years in awe and fear of the demi-sorcerer Bathus Dire. In awe-since his power is truly awesome-and fear ever since word leaked from his domain that his ambitious plans of conquest were to commence in the Vale itself,

A faithful half-elf sent on a spying mission to the Black Tower came galloping back toward the Vale three days ago with a frantic warning. From within the cavers of Craggen Rock, Bathus Dire had recruited an army of Chaotics and was preparing them to attack the Vale within the week.

The good King Salamon was a man of action. Messengers were sent throughout the Vale that day to prepare defences and to summon the menfolk to action. Riders had also been sent to the Great Forest of Yorn to warn the half-elves that lived there and to make an appeal for allied forces. He knew well that the news would inevitably reach the Grand Wizard of Yore, a white sorcerer of great power, who lived deep within the forest. The wizard was old and would not last though a battle of this magnitude. He he schooled a number of young magicians, and perhaps a students in the magic arts with courage and ambition would aid the king and his subjects...

You are the star pupil of the Grand Wizard of Yore. He has been a difficult master and your own impatience has often gotten the better of you. Perhaps a little too headstrong, you left immediately for Salamon's court. The king welcomed you enthusiastically and explained his plan. The battle could be avoided without bloodshed if Bathus were to be assassinated before his army could amass.

The mission ahead of you is extremely perilous. Bathus Dire is surrounded, in his citadel, by a multitude of appaulling creatures. Although magic is your strongest weapon, there will be times when you have to rely upon your sword to survive.

King Salamon has briefed you on your mission and warned you of the dangers that lie ahead. One way through the Citadel is best for you to take. If you discover it, you will be successful with a minimum of personal risk. It may take you several trips to find the easiest way through.

You leave the Vale of Willow on the long hike to the Black Tower. At the foot of the hill of Craggen Rock, you can see its outline against the dark sky...

Here is how to play.

[u:2xnclwk9]How to fight creatures within the citadel[/u:2xnclwk9]

You are the star pupil of the Grand Wizard of Yore. You have a knowledge of magic which is not perfect, but with a little luck you will be adequate for this quest. You also have in your possession a sword and you are well practised in swordplay. You are quite fit and you have been exercising to build up your stamina.

First of all, you must use the dice to determine you initial SKILL and STMAINA scores. You will find boxes on the Adventure Sheet for recording your SKILL and STAMINA scores.

[u:2xnclwk9]Stamina, Skill and Luck[/u:2xnclwk9]

First roll one die. Add 6 to this number and enter this total in the SKILL box on the Adventure Sheet. Now roll both dice, add 12 to the number rolled and enter this total in the Stamina box.

There is also a LUCK box. Roll one die, add 6 to this number and enter this total in the LUCK box.

For reasons that will be explained below, SKILL, STAMINA and LUCK scores change constantly during an adventure. You must keep an accurate record of these score and for this reasons you are advised to either write small in the boxes or keep an eraser handy. But never rub out your Initial scores. Although you may be awarded additional SKILL, STAMINA and LUCK points, these totals may never exceed your Initial scores, except on very rare occasions, when you will be instructed.

You SKILL score reflects your swordsmanship and general fighting expertise; the higher the better. Your STMAINA score reflects your general constitution, your will to survive, your determination and overall fitness; the higher your STAMINA score, the longer you will be able to survive. Your LUCK score indicates how naturally luck a person you are.


(When fighting I’ll just work out the entire round and report on what happened)

You’ll often come across creatures of some sort that you will have to fight. An option to flee or use magic may be given, but if not - or if you choose to attack the creature anyway- you must resolve the battle.


You may be given the option of running away from a battle should things be going wrong for you. If you do run away the creature automatically scores one wound (subtract 2 STAMINA points) as you flee. You may use LUCK on this wound in the normal way (see below). You may only escape if you are given the option.

[u:2xnclwk9]Fighting more than one creature[/u:2xnclwk9]

If you come across more than one creature in a particular encounter, instructions will be given on how to handle that battle.


At various times during your adventure, either in battles or when you come across situations in which you could either be lucky or unlucky (details will be give), you may call on luck to make the outcome more favourable. But beware! Using Luck is risky business and if you are unlucky, the results could be disastrous.

The procedure for using Luck is as follows: roll two dice. If the number rolled is equal to or less than your Luck score, you have been lucky and the result will go in your favour. If the number roll if higher then you have been unlucky and you will be penalized.

Each time you use your luck, you must subtract one point from your current LUCK score. You will soon realizes that the more you depend on your Luck, the more risky it will become.

[u:2xnclwk9]Using Magic[/u:2xnclwk9]

In addition to SKILL, STAMINA, and LUCK scores, you must determine your Magic score in a similar way.

Your Magic score determines how many spells you may use on your quest. These spells may be selected from the spell list found below. You may take any combination of spells that you wish.

Each time you use a spell you must cross it off your list. If you have more than one of the same spell then you can just reduce the number you have by one.

The opportunity will present itself to use a spell. If you have it just use it. However if you do not have the spell that may be required then you’ll have to use some other way to continue.

As you enter the Citadel for the first time (assuming this is the first) the you’ll have no idea as to what to expect. You will have to choose spells wisely but you’ll just have to make your selection and see how it works out from there. Do not worry about having a low Magic score. Even if you have the lowest possible score it is possible to make it through if you make the right choices and are blessed with a little luck.

[u:2xnclwk9]Magic Spells[/u:2xnclwk9]

Creature Copy: This spell will allow you to conjure up the exact copy of any creature you are fighting. The duplicate will have the same Skill and Stamina as the original. Just sit back and watch if fight in your stead.

E.S.P: With this spell you will be able to tap into a creature’s mind and see what they are thinking or see what may be behind a locked door. However this spell is prone to giving misleading information.

Fire: Every creature is afraid of fire. This spell will allow you to conjure up fire at will. You may cause an explosion in the ground or bring up a wall of fire to keep the creature at bay.

Fool’s Gold: This spell will turn any rock into a pile of what appears to be gold. The spell is merely a form of the illusion spell-although more reliable-and the gold will soon turn back to rock.

Illusion: this is a powerful spell but unreliable. Through this spell you can create an illusion to fool a creature. This works well against creatures that are intelligent.

Levitation: You may cast this spell on objects, opponents and even yourself. It frees the receiver from the effects of gravity and as such will allow them to float in the air, under your control.

Luck: This spell along with the Skill and Stamina spells, is special in that it may be cast any time during your adventure, except in a battle. You need not wait for a choice to present itself. Once cast, it will restore you luck by half your initial LUCK score (rounded down). This spell will never take you LUCK score over the initial level. Thus if you cast two Luck spells together, your LUCK score will only be restored to it’s initial level.

Shielding: Casting this spell creates an invisible shield in front of you which will protect you from physical objects, e.g. arrows, swords or creatures. The shield is not effective against magic, and of course if nothing outside it can touch you, you can’t touch anything outside it.

Skill: This spell will replenish you SKILL score by half its initial value (rounded down).

Stamina: This will replenish your STAMINA score by half its initial value (rounded down).

Strength: This spell has the effect of greatly increasing your strength for doing things such as leaping large gaps.

Weakness: Strong creatures are reduced by this spell to miserable weaklings. It is not successful against all creatures but when effective, those creatures become puny and much less of a challenge in combat.


You will start your adventure with a bare minimum of equipment. You are armed with a sword and dressed in leather armour. You carry a lantern to light your way, and a backpack holds any treasure or artefacts you may find on your way. Be sure to record all your finds in the Equipment box on your Adventure Sheet. When these are used in any particular encounter, I will tell you whether that item is destroyed or left behind. If it is lost in this way you must cross it off your list of equipment and may not use it later on in the adventure.

So if you are interested then just let me know and we will work out the adventure sheet and begin.
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Post by Talwyn Aureliano » Tue Jun 09, 2009 7:51 am

Ahh, choose your own adventure, that brings back fond memories indeed! :D Good old Steve Jackson!

Normally I would love to participate in this however, what with work, life and my committment to writing my own novel, I just don't feel that I have enough time to dedicate to such an endevour. This I found out when I let a role play thread slide due to life getting in the way.

All the best though :D
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Post by tmanofctown » Tue Jun 09, 2009 10:01 pm

The beauty about this though is that I'm the one who has to do practically all of the typing, whoever is the adventure just has to post their choice whenever one comes up every day or two. I guess keeping track of the adventure sheet could be a pain, but I suppose that I could hold onto it and whenever the adventure wants to know what they have I can just tell them. Or have a spereate thread that states what the adventure has, just to keep it on the computer.
Be sure to keep your feet on the ground, or else you never know where you might be swept off to.

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Post by crow » Tue Dec 08, 2009 12:22 pm

ahhh yeah brings back memories ;) .
I always Imagined that most of the first 10 books were just a warm up to playing steve Jackson's "Scorcery" if anybody still remembers that. It was satisfyingly hard

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