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Post by Bhaern Quel » Mon May 18, 2009 7:19 am

Err, hi there all.

I am starting to see a problem with roleplay, that might go beyound me being green.

We have one city that I RPed in where BAMF a character appeared in the middle of, though a secirity force has been in place.

We have another recent new enter of a character hailing a citry as a new thread.

Both of these concern me, there are different reasons.

The enter into an existing though somewhat defined and secured city a post saying the city "does not like me, but accepts me? without any OOC discussion about why, when or why city accepted an Evil character as acceptable dies not flow well. So far in that thread it appears to be somewhat acceptable to most of the players. It did bother me, however I was a minor player.

The other thread was an intro post of approaching a city. This fails in that there is an expectation that abother player will build a city. This city could be ruled by Lolthians, humans, mindflayers on so on. This approch might get me to build a city, however there also appears no compelling reason for me to build another one.

What my concern is is that both threads will become dead soon as they stand.

One because a character injected self past security and because the other requires security be invented. Neither of these are within the scope of duties the High Priestess has granted me the authority to change. I however see failure resulting sooner or later of the involved players not having fun and will not continue. RP is filled with play ended, sometimes because a key player resigned, but more often gone missing or not willing to reply to changes.

I offer a basic guideline that players might consider.

A first post should describe current location and general description. There also might use OOC to give some idea of play they are looking for.

For those that actually seek to enter an existing city they should not result in "Giving the idea that my skimming didn't leave out the impression that you all left the gate." and that resulting post that a foe cleric of the Dark maiden would be accepted in the city.

Oh I could delete the post or threads if it came to that, however my duties are to remove offensive or disruptive posts. Not posts of RP I believe out of story or scene. It is not as well my duty to build cities, I have build (or helped to) build a few one of which is still active.

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