Redesigning a character...

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Redesigning a character...

Post by Gil'eal » Thu May 07, 2009 5:11 am

Greetin's all! You may have seen my recent post in the RP Forum titled: 'A Fallen Elf...'. You may also notice that it has disappeared. I'd always loved the Underdark setting as introduced to me in the NeverWinter Nights expansion, Hordes of the Underdark, but I'd never really done any proper research into the Forgotten Realms campaign settings, at least not NEAR as much as Eberron. After having done so, I deleted my post, and will be starting a new one. I play in some D&D campaigns now, but my present DM will simply not allow anyone to play shapeshifter races, primarily because we have a few newbies doing their first campaign, and we're trying to cut back on the confusion. So, free-form RP is a much more comfortable, and convenient location for me to test-run a concept character, in the event I ever get to use him.

I'm still undecided on the humanoid race to base him in, or if I'll use a different name than my account name. But this will be a lycanthrope character (also undecided if he'll be born with it, or infected later), and worshiper of Selune, in the 'Pact of the New Moon' Order.

Why lycanthrope? I enjoy these edgy races that make people unfamiliar with anything but the typically evil stereotypes of particular races, uneasy. The Book of Exalted Deeds, inspires me as well, with the concept of the 'Unexpected Hero', with an example of an Illithid Monk turned to the cause of good, using her powers to help instead of harm. You see any of the relatively common player races, and while they all have their stereotypes, the civilized lands tend to accept their presence more readily. I have more fun when the acceptance itself is not only earned but tested.

The Pact of the New Moon Order, is comprised of lycanthropes turned good, and sworn to Selune. They carry out the most secretive and violent aspects of her work. They also offer cures for those infected with lycanthropy, should they wish to be rid of it. Wikipedia tells much on this, and Selune has many similarities to Eilistraee, from what I see.

As for the RP setting here, once I get the character settled in, I'm inclined to join other RPs perhaps posing in animal form most often, as the peculiar, lurking, fly-on-the-wall character, a little more mysterious to characters unfamiliar with him, and remaining so until he (I) judges a situation to call for his intervention. This character will be loath to spread his condition, with a few special exceptions, as he wishes to avoid having competition, as well as realizing how many consider it an affliction rather than blessing.

Anyone with questions, comments, or suggestions, please reply here, or message me. I'd appreciate your feedback.

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