Izzriia Nau-Kaas

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Izzriia Nau-Kaas

Post by Izzriia » Tue Apr 28, 2009 4:21 pm

[color=darkred:18nmqlh7](( Now, the history needs more work because if anything, it's more about her father and where she came from than herself. But then again, I'm also hoping to develop who she is within game-play. So this will have to suffice, I guess. ;} ))

[img:18nmqlh7]http://fc02.deviantart.com/fs44/f/2009/ ... lug0si.jpg[/img:18nmqlh7]

[b:18nmqlh7]Full Name:[/b:18nmqlh7] Izzriia Nau-Kaas (Means "hidden tempest", Nau-Kaas in Drow simply means "No-Name". Real surname is unknown for several reasons.)
[b:18nmqlh7]Title:[/b:18nmqlh7] Daughter of Vhaeraun
[b:18nmqlh7]Aliases:[/b:18nmqlh7] Lilindith (Taken from "Ul-Indith" which means "Destiny")
[b:18nmqlh7]Occupation:[/b:18nmqlh7] Sniper
[b:18nmqlh7]Marital Status:[/b:18nmqlh7] At the peak of Nihilism.
[b:18nmqlh7]Children:[/b:18nmqlh7] Not today, but not out of the question.
[b:18nmqlh7]Alignment:[/b:18nmqlh7] Chaotic Neutral
[b:18nmqlh7]Patron Deity:[/b:18nmqlh7] Vhaeraun
[b:18nmqlh7]Race:[/b:18nmqlh7] Half-drow
[b:18nmqlh7]Gender:[/b:18nmqlh7] Female
[b:18nmqlh7]Height:[/b:18nmqlh7] 5'3"
[b:18nmqlh7]Weight:[/b:18nmqlh7] 120lbs.
[b:18nmqlh7]Age:[/b:18nmqlh7] 55 (Human=18, Drow=110)
[b:18nmqlh7]Hair:[/b:18nmqlh7] Pearly white
[b:18nmqlh7]Eyes:[/b:18nmqlh7] Pink
[b:18nmqlh7]Description:[/b:18nmqlh7] She always makes sure she has a nice fragrance about her and that her hair is well groomed (Unless she's simply having a bad day). Her pointed ears are adorned with a variety of piercings including both hoops and studs. There are a couple of minuscule scars upon her scalp, but because she wears her hair long and thick they're unnoticeable. Has several scars on her palm because she is known to play with fire and likes to run her fingers along the edges of her sharp weapons. Her body's modestly toned, skin is of an arsenic gray complexion with lavender undertones - relatively dark for a half-breed. Clothing usually worn would be form-fitting soft black leathers and fabrics that conceal the body and commonly mistakes her for a male if she's donning her mask. Fur-trimmed boots lace up to her knees, and she's always wearing tight gloves whether they're fingerless or not.

[b:18nmqlh7]Class:[/b:18nmqlh7] Rogue/Assassin

[b:18nmqlh7]Personality:[/b:18nmqlh7] Simply being half-drow will already attract more attention than she would ever want. So to help make up for that she will come off as quiet, introverted, and uninterested. She can obtain plenty of patience, feels unashamed to express her thoughts, but if someone were to get to know her better they'll find that she can actually be very comical and laid-back. Though, she isn't to be underestimated because she's half-drow. She has trained well under the authority of the Vhearunties, and is sufficiently knowledgeable as well as a practitioner of most schemes and trickery concocted by the drow.

Izzriia can be as stubborn as a mule (which can either be a curse or a virtue depending on the context which it's used), if she doesn't watch her mouth it can get her unwanted attention and trouble, and if she doesn't need or care about you one way or another she might leave you for dead. Despite her victories she still lacks confidence, though she would rather keep that to herself. She holds tremendous grudges against those who have crossed her.

Being raised with Vhaerunites and being a Vhaerunite herself has naturally made her undiscriminating towards males and most elven races. Also about being raised with Vhaerunites means that she has spent a lot of time around males, more importantly her father, thus making her mannerisms more brash and masculine - Call her a "tom-boy" if you will. The misfortune of being half-drow and the ridicule that comes along with it, however, has made her highly suspicious and bitter towards most non-drow races.

[b:18nmqlh7]Likes:[/b:18nmqlh7] Desolate forests at night and ancient temples. Puzzles, reading, statues, murals, and ancient architecture. A crisp moonlit and/or starry night, autumn or winter when snow and ice coats everything in its wake. Sweet bread, cinnamon, blackberries, honey, lean meats such as venison and fish, shellfish, mushrooms, and cheeses. Drinks: Herbal teas and apple cider. She would enjoy having a close relationship with someone she can truly trust and is compatible with (though that never happens).

[b:18nmqlh7]Dislikes:[/b:18nmqlh7] Taverns and pleasure houses. She's disgusted by parasites - especially mosquitoes, fleas, and leeches, dislikes dramatic changes in weather climates, and hates last minute changing of plans. Heavy red meats like rothe, insects, most leaf vegetables, turnip. Drinks: Ales and liquors.

[b:18nmqlh7]Strengths:[/b:18nmqlh7] 9.5 times out of 10 she'll make headshots, has knowledge of natural healing with herbs and survival in the wilderness, can draw an impressive picture. She's a realist with idealistic intentions. Her tread is soft and light, practically agile as a feline, she's barely heard when on the job, when working as a sniper she has the patience to wait for days without food or water and the dead-on aim to strike when they're detectable. She knows how to use her surroundings the best to her advantage.

[b:18nmqlh7]Weaknesses:[/b:18nmqlh7] It's hard for her to keep her opinions to herself and is horrible with schmoozing. Sometimes her personal animosity can get the best of her. Izzriia's atychiphobic (afraid of failure), catagelophobic (afraid of being ridiculed), cleithrophobic (afraid of being locked in an enclosed place), pnigophobic (afraid of choking or being smothered), and taphephobic (afraid of being buried alive). She's incompetent with anything arcane and tends to be shoddy with melee combat.

[b:18nmqlh7]Special Spells:
Absorb Weapon:[/b:18nmqlh7] The weapon she holds in her hands begins to fade from existence as she completes the spell. With the last words of the spell it disappears completely. At the same moment, a weapon-shaped blotch appears on her arm.

Izzriia can harmlessly absorb a weapon she is touching (even a poisoned one) into her arm, as long as it is not in another creature's possession. The weapon must be a light weapon for her at the time she casts the spell. The absorbed weapon cannot be felt under the skin and doesn't restrict her range of motion in any way. An absorbed weapon cannot be detected with even a careful search, although detect magic reveals the presence of a magical aura. The only evidence of its presence is a faint blotch on her skin shaped vaguely like the weapon.

[b:18nmqlh7]Amorphous Form:[/b:18nmqlh7] Izzriia dusts her ally with gelatin and silently evoke the spell. Immediately her bones begon to soften and she and her belongings slump, becoming malleable ooze.

The subject and all its gear become amorphous and oozelike. This new form is boneless and fluid, enabling the subject to pass through holes or narrow openings as small as 2 inches in diameter. While amorphous, the subject is immune to poison, polymorphing, and stunning. It cannot be flanked, and it is not subject to extra damage. It gains a swim speed equal to its land speed. The subject can remain submerged as long as desired without breathing.

The subject's armor (including natural armor) becomes worthless. While amorphous, the subject can't attack or cast spells that require verbal, somatic, material, or focus components. The subject loses all supernatural abilities while in amorphous form, and its magic items cease functioning.
Material Component: Gelatin.

[b:18nmqlh7]Cloak of Dark Power:[/b:18nmqlh7] A dim gray haze appears around Izzriia. Light bends around this haze. leaving her in a patch of strange and shifting darkness.

Cloak of dark power creates a ducky haze around the subject. The haze does not interfere with vision, but the subject and anything she wears or carries is protected from the effects of full sunlight, even under the open, daytime sky of the surface world. A drow subject suffers no blindness or bright illumination combat penalties.

[b:18nmqlh7]Dead End:[/b:18nmqlh7] Sprinkling spice on the ground, Izzriia completes the final step of the spell. Upon touching her intended targets, she notes with satisfaction that the area around all of her seems a little cleaner and less tread upon.

This spell flawlessly disguises the spoor left by the subjects, concealing their tracks, scent, and other signs of their passage with an illusion that defeats even the senses of taste and touch.
Material Component: A pinch of some odoriferous spice.

[b:18nmqlh7]Hide From Dragons:[/b:18nmqlh7] Silently Izzriia makes the motions and the dragon's scale smolders in her hand. The rising smoke wraps around her and sinks into her skin.

Dragons cannot see, hear, or smell the warded creatures, even with blind-sense. They act as though the warded creatures are not there. Warded creatures could stand before the hungriest of red dragons and not be molested or even noticed. If a warded character touches or attacks a dragon or the dragon's hoard, even with a spell, the spell ends for all recipients.
Material Component: A dragon scale.

[b:18nmqlh7]Implacable Pursuer:[/b:18nmqlh7] With this spell, Izzriia becomes an unerring tracker, instantly aware of her quarry's location whenever it's on the move.

The implacable pursuer spell gives Izzriia the direction and distance to the target creature whenever it finishes a turn more than 10 feet away from where it started. Once Izzriia successfully targets a creature with implacable pursuer, she knows its location as long as the subject is moving, no matter where it goes on the same plane. Even if it leaves the plane, implacable pursuer tells Izzriia what plane the subject creature went to. The spell then provides no further information until Izzriia and the subject are on the same plane, in which case the spell resumes functioning normally.

[b:18nmqlh7]Instant Locksmith:[/b:18nmqlh7] Izzriia points at a mechanism, twists her hand, and make a clicking sound with her tongue. She now has a better idea of how the mechanism works.

[b:18nmqlh7]Lightfoot:[/b:18nmqlh7] Izzriia mutters the words of this short spell and dive down the hallway, dancing between the armed guards and out the gate. She provokes no attacks of opprotunity when moving.

[b:18nmqlh7]Special Abilities/Defenses:[/b:18nmqlh7] Izzriia specializes in the fighting style known as "Luth Alur", which means "superior shooting," it allows her to strike down foes with deadly accuracy without ever being in harm's way herself. This style requires a sharp eye and steady hands.
D&D Feats: Point Blank Shot, Precise Shot, Rapid Shot, Shot on the Run.

[b:18nmqlh7]Weapons & Armor:[/b:18nmqlh7] She adorns soft leathers and her sacred mask. Her weapon of choice is the crossbow, but also equipped upon her person are concealed vials of poison and a pair of adamantite daggers that appear as though they suck the life force of those conquered.

[b:18nmqlh7]History:[/b:18nmqlh7] Rannozz was born as the third son to a common house that resided within the city of Haundrauth. His coming to life straight from his Matron's womb instantly assigned his purpose as a sacrifice to his house's sole deity, Lloth. However, the Matron was severely worn from his birth, so she postponed the ceremony until early the following day. She would want to relish with every fiber in her being as she gave her homage to the Spider Queen - fresh, restless, and bleating for another fate.

But it was during the dead of the Underdark's restful hours that Rannozz's second-born elder brother, Beltran, silently seized the infant and departed from their house with desperate haste. Alone in the alleys of the city with a helpless baby less than a day old, Beltran thought there would be no appropriate place to find refuge. That was until he remembered two acquaintances he met during an unmentioned gathering. Beltran was secretly a new convert to the Masked Lord, Vhaeraun, and he distinctly remembered the fellow Vhaeraunites offering him their aid and shelter, should he ever come to need it.

This meant that he would have to journey to the surface. The Vhaeraunites survived in a patriarchal house, home to a "clan" of houseless, renegade drow that was held within the darkest and most isolated locations of the High Forest. The sojourn was a blessedly swift and safe one, mainly due to the assistance of outposts that scatter themselves throughout Haundrauth, linking it to the major cities upside.

Upon approaching the renegade house, The two acquaintances were summoned as Beltran called out their code and immediately recognized him. Both Beltran and his infant brother, Rannozz, were accepted into this clan and would proceed to spend the next 110 years with them, developing a solid faith in the ways of the Masked Lord along with a solid sense of brotherhood. They learned his dogma, partook in his ceremonies, and made an agenda for themselves to further his divine cause upon the moonlit lands.

Rannozz grew up to be a devout darkmask of Vhaeraun. Him and Beltran formed themselves into a "bound by blood" doublet and became sublime prodigies for their exceptional teamwork. This blessed reputation, however, came to a tragic halt when a botched stealth-cladenstine mission cost Beltran his life. While his death granted his younger brother a chance to freedom, he took it with a heavy heart and sore limbs.

To mourn, Rannozz placed a glamour upon himself to take on the appearance of a surface-dwelling elf and ventured to the nearest town, finding some degree of solace through the depths of an ale glass. It was hard to appropriately grieve the lost of his elder brother when the tavern he retreated to was in the midst of celebration for one of the town's many festivals. Submerged within the merriment only made him even more remorseless. But his sore-thumb visage ironically attracted the fawning attention of one of the entertainers. She was a human priestess of Sharess, and she took an immediate liking to him - obviously oblivious to his true nature.

She made conversation, waited on him, even performed a sensual dance. Her natural knack for charm and comfort proved to be fruitful, for she successfully seduced the drow (who, kudos to the alcohol, had rendered himself lax by this time). That night ended in a drunken rendezvous between the drow and priestess, and come by morning it was the latter who left Rannozz waking up to empty sheets. Instead of scavenging for answers, he thought it best to return to the security of his own house.

Rannozz's life would resume its typical pace up until the following year when a good friend to one of the Vhaeraunites, a moon elf, paid the renegade house a visit. In her arms she carried a large basket. Along with her particular friend, several other members emerged and approached her with quizzical caution. Finally, she announced to them, "I bring a 'gift' for the one who goes by the name 'Rannozz'," and gestured to the basket. Two of the drow guardedly advanced to peer inside at what the elf came to bestow unto their brother, and what they saw would cause them to chuckle in relief as well as disbelief.

The young darkmask was summoned to receive his gift. The two Vhaeraunites slapped his back which confused him. When he finally viewed the delivery his eyes grew wide and he was rendered flabbergasted. Inside the basket was a baby, drowic in appearance. The surface elf holds up the basket for him to take, "Courtesy of Ms. Talena." It took Rannozz a few minutes to register the name, then remembered it belonged to that priestess! Sure enough, this infant was his.

It didn't take much convincing for the house to accept the baby as one of their own. This baby was a daughter who they named Izzriia; her name meant "hidden tempest", and that was an attribute they hoped she would thrive to live up to. She would serve as a beacon to the Masked Lord's faith. Izzriia was of mixed blood, signifying the harmony wished to be achieved between the drow, surface elves, and humans. And through her example, the Vhaeraunites could further prove their decree of equality amongst male and female.
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“For he put on righteousness as a breastplate, and a mask of salvation upon his face; and he put on the garments of vengeance for clothing, and was clad with zeal as a cloak.”

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[color=olive:3tyjjslm]This is simply awesome. Very nice work. :) [/color:3tyjjslm]

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