Tali Feldireil

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Tali Feldireil
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Tali Feldireil

Post by Tali Feldireil » Sat Apr 25, 2009 5:38 am

[u:5tv7fpt8][b:5tv7fpt8]Basic Information[/b:5tv7fpt8][/u:5tv7fpt8]

[b:5tv7fpt8]Name: Tali Feldireil

Gender: Male

Age: 13-ish

Origin: High Forest

Race: Wood Elf

Alignment: True-Neutral

Deity: Rillifane Rallathil

Occupation: Druid

Familiar: Wolverine

Height: 5’6”

Weight: 132

Body Type: Slender

Hair: Auburn

Eyes: Hazel[/b:5tv7fpt8]

[b:5tv7fpt8][u:5tv7fpt8]Brief Character History:[/u:5tv7fpt8]

Young Tali was part of a small, nomadic tribe of wood elves situated in the High Forest. Currently they are growing in numbers and seek to reestablish the Kingdom of Eaerlann. However, standing in their way were innumerable tribes of orcs, gnolls, drow, and other dangers. His tribe was composed of mostly druids and rangers dependent on the earth, simply living out their lives and hopeful cause. One fateful day, a mixed band of Orc and Drow attacked their miniature civilization. Without hesitation or mercy, they slew the elderly and ones that put up too much of a struggle. His mother tried to conceal him, but it was too late. Tali watched and witnessed the demise of his people the fire reflecting in his eyes.

His parents, along with many others were captured and tied up like cattle. They were a band of Slave Traders, now their purpose was apparent. Naturally, like any child he stood in shock, his mind spinning chaotically, searching for a plan to save his parents. Hugging desperately to his familiar, he then was spotted, by a young Drow. Tali stared into the red eyes of his approaching enemy. Certain he was to be killed. He shut his eyes, and then the pain came, along with the darkness. He woke up, dazed and confused. Lying next to him was his devoted familiar, sleeping. Tali looked about him, he was caged, like an animal. Since Tali had been knocked unconscious the long journey passed by far more quickly.

The slave traders traded him off to another group, this time composed of primarily Humans. Tali searched for his parents. He saw some familiar faces, but not them. The band finally made their destination, the city of “Neverwinter”. He was surprised at how easily the band of slavers snuck by unnoticed, surely the merchandise in which they carried was illegal. The Docks District is where the black market auctions were carried out, he learned this quickly. Finally it was his turn. Wide eyed he stared at the crowd of hungry eyes. He prayed. Fate’s hand seemed to intercede and say “not today, Tali.” In the crowd, by chance a barbarian was walking by, only there for some other official business. The barbarian stared at young Tali, his eyes kind and empathetic. Tali was purchased, his freedom bought.
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Vasriina Frerahel
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[color=olive:3boq9aws]Nice work, Iymlin. ;) [/color:3boq9aws]

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Post by Shihouin10 » Tue Apr 28, 2009 12:39 am

Good to make your acquaintance, young Tali Feldireil.

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