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Serath En'Sendaran
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Serath En'Sendaran

Post by Serath En'Sendaran » Tue May 23, 2006 5:14 pm

Let me start this out by giving you the out of character skinny. I'm the husband of Yasreana's player. I've been a DM (I prefer Storyteller, being a hold out from the [i:3ohu1r69]old[/i:3ohu1r69] World of Darkness games by [i:3ohu1r69][b:3ohu1r69]White Wolf[/b:3ohu1r69][/i:3ohu1r69], and feeling it more accurately, describes my role in games) for going on almost 20 years. I'm not as HUGE of an Eili fan (Eili is the term for followers of Eilistraee that some of the humans in my campaigns use) as my wife is, but I have a very healthy respect for the Dark Maiden, especially in the use as a campaign tool. I normally run the games that involve Drow that my wife (and gaming groups) are normally involved in. Currently, I am running a Night Wars campaign (A "historical" game when the Drow were invading Calimshan, a few centuries before the "current" game time). I consider myself pretty open minded, and flexible. I don't know how much game time I'll be getting, as my work and school schedule does not permit a lot, but I'll be glad to add my occasional two cents, and probably help out when ever possible.

Now for the character... Serath is a moon elf that has recently converted from Shevarash to the Dark Maiden. Again, a long contrived tale, much like Yaraena that involves Drow, traitorous sun elves, true love, and even a fey'ri. Serath is an archer, and despite his new found devotion to the Lady, he still has the typical elven attitude towards the bow ("Only an Elf can truely master the art of the Archery.") In the Forgotten Realms campaign that was being run he was a ranger shooting (heh...) for the Justice of Weald and Woe prestige class up until his conversion, so he's got a few spells that the average ranger doesn't (see Champions of Ruin). Hope he meets with your approval. Please let me know if you have any comments or questions.

... and thank you for your support.
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Bhaern Quel
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Post by Bhaern Quel » Tue May 23, 2006 5:39 pm

Welcome to the Chosen *Smiles* May you enjoy the time you spend here.

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Post by Nedylene » Tue May 23, 2006 5:44 pm

hello serath! :D

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Yasraena D'issan An'ar
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Post by Yasraena D'issan An'ar » Tue May 23, 2006 6:07 pm

Yeah! Now we just need to arrive IC into this place....but as I'm at work as always, no time today. :(

Bhaern Quel
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Post by Bhaern Quel » Tue May 23, 2006 7:09 pm

Well there are many ways to arvive, a visit to a temple, start a thread of your own, visit that tavern, etc.

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Post by Rooky » Tue May 23, 2006 8:11 pm

Welcome to the Chosen of Eilistraee.

Enjoy your stay....We serve free drinks at 7:00 pm, free shirmp at 8:00 pm, and dance at 9:00 pm (special edition for couples only at 10:00 pm).

Feel free to visit the Arena for physicall practice at any time. The FFR theatre is open at all times. Currently we have 9 plays, but unfortunately some of them are on hold.

If you wish to ask certain questions, the Great (Meeting Hall) is open at all times, but we seldom have more then five guests in it.

The Chosen Times are active seldomly, but we whip the priestesses like common crap, and force them to post as much as often.

The Sanctuary is open for all. You will be able to read Eilistraee's dogma, and ask any questions you son0t know the answer to, or something you wish to share, with complete strangers since your wife is too busy gossiping your poor neighbour along with her sister.

If you see a leeking pipe, or a cow sized crack in the wall, the wery last of the Typing-for-idiots Room is open to you as well.

Please enjoy your stay with us. Please bother to post more then three messeges.

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Shir'le E. Illios
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Post by Shir'le E. Illios » Tue May 23, 2006 10:01 pm

Uh, after that introduction from Rooky I've got little more to say then: welcome to the Chosen and may you find a home of sorts here. :)

Love -x-x-x-

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Serath En' Sendaran

Post by Qhell~Velladorn » Tue May 23, 2006 11:56 pm

[color=teal:2l0qvvr1]Welcome to the chosen, abbil. I hope to post along side you one day.[/color:2l0qvvr1] :)

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Post by Unen_Stealthfoot » Thu May 25, 2006 3:12 am

[color=darkred:1w4cecr4]Velcom to our hooomble home. :) [/color:1w4cecr4]
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