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"Argent Lich" T'puuli Streea

Posted: Tue Mar 24, 2009 3:06 am
by Argent
[b:rngjbu88]Name:[/b:rngjbu88] T'puuli Streea ("Silver Death")
[img:rngjbu88] ... dian-2.jpg[/img:rngjbu88]

[b:rngjbu88]Physical Description:[/b:rngjbu88] Dark skinned with silver iris, he's not your traditional Drow. While slender and giving off most features of his race, a mixture from a freak accident left him with an odd alloy like texture. His flesh is a bit pale compared to most other Drow, but giving off the reflection of something metallic with a cool metallic texture. Even with this odd look his body still gives off the impression of soft tissue and organic compound. Usually seen with a tri-hawk and tattooed skull between the perked mane, it would be one of his most outgoing features along with the dual scars over his brows and down to his cheeks. Right hand and feet are a merge of something most would consider an Adamantine property, but melded directly to the elbow and knees with a distorted almost beastly alteration that doesn't quite suit his own body style.
[b:rngjbu88]Nickname:[/b:rngjbu88] Argent Lich
[b:rngjbu88]Age:[/b:rngjbu88] 114 (Adulthood)
[b:rngjbu88]Race:[/b:rngjbu88] Drow
[b:rngjbu88]Sub-Race:[/b:rngjbu88] Augmented Undead
[b:rngjbu88]Faction:[/b:rngjbu88] Institute of Purification and Judgment
[b:rngjbu88]Class:[/b:rngjbu88] Pale Magisterial
[b:rngjbu88]Alignment:[/b:rngjbu88] Lawful Evil
[b:rngjbu88]Deity:[/b:rngjbu88] Kiaransalee (Drow deity of Vengeance and Undead)
[b:rngjbu88]Height:[/b:rngjbu88] 5'7"
[b:rngjbu88]Weight:[/b:rngjbu88] 159 LB.
[b:rngjbu88]Build:[/b:rngjbu88] Lean
[b:rngjbu88]Personality:[/b:rngjbu88] Domineering, arrogant, egotistical, judgmental, and above all, highly racist. In all his aspect is a manipulator, hiding even his most dire personality at bay to better his situation with others. While not the easiest person to get along with, he tends to hide his true self behind a sheath of constant lies and deceit. Like most Drow, even the most valued of lies can be hidden with the most mastered of Skills. Deranged in his obsession with death and the undead, it brings him closer to his means of that un-life and all of it's curious details. Tends to be more of a visionary for his twisted views to the point of ignorance to any he consider "Unfaithful" and "Impure".
[b:rngjbu88]Nature:[/b:rngjbu88] Schemer
[b:rngjbu88]Demeanor:[/b:rngjbu88] Manipulator
-[u:rngjbu88]Grade [1-10][/u:rngjbu88]-
-Strength: 2
-Dexterity: 7
-Constitution: 4
-Perception: 7
-Intelligence: 9
-Manipulation: 8

[b:rngjbu88]History:[/b:rngjbu88] Even at a young age T'puuli Streea's parents noticed their low class son's disturbing interest with the dead. Always poking and dissecting dead animals, or killing them just to see how it felt. He was indeed a disturbed child, odd and separated even from the most vile of his Drow race. Word of this got out, a now young adult with an ignorant blindness in the worship of Kiaransalee, rare and devastating in it's own way. Taken in by the church of Kiaransalee, they worshipers believed this young boy to be touched by the Goddess herself, granted abilities to manipulate the dead. They would take him as their own, and teach this boy the ways of death.

Over the years, his spoiled and thingyy sense of personality blinded him from truth. Begging to join in a riot unit to the surface, he was granted permission from the High Priestess, and would soon find it to be a mistake of his naive nature. The small ill prepared unit was no match for the larger and swarming military of the Orcs. The unit killed off, and T'puuli scattered to save himself. Surrounded, outnumbered and scared, it left T'puuli in a state of confusion, trapped at all sides, he was fighting off hoards of Orc and Goblins, using what skill he had to attempt to hold them off as long as possible.

It was unfortunate that he didn't notice their tank. So busy with the small forces before him, he didn't notice the light metallic and mobile artillery headed up behind him. Made to cause unexpected pain, the low positioned saws at the edge of the mobile artillery would sweep at his knees, severing them clean and from him. His body fell, and with it, an axe swung to his defending right arm, removing it in the most painful of manners.

As a last desperation, his one last limb at his disposal grasped firmly to the removed arm, pulling at the gauntlet. Every ounce of his thought went into it, attempting to conjure up something in means to protect him. It would, the gauntlet literally liquidated from his left hand, merging against his flesh and molding into an abomination of an organic metallic arm. His body took on that light metallic texture, like thousands of polished scales, cool to the touch like worked metal, but still soft like organ and muscle. His legs would meld as well, something of a three hoofed merge, simple and wicked in construction as they merged to the knees.

Even then he wasn't going to live, he was too fatigued, too tired to protect himself, he was going to die. At least, that's what he thought. Bolts would stream from the bushes and trees, light armored scouts leaping free and unsheathing their blades to cut and lob the green skins. This unit saved him without even noticing. It was luck that brought them, originally an ambush party that was following this unit, they were to Guerrilla and destroy the fortress so creating these mobile Artillery.

A small group was pulled from the unit and carried T'puuli back to the safety of the Underdark. It was there that his brooding, vengeful and hate filled mind would poison. He was focused on bettering himself, on becoming beyond his own capacity, to decimate the Orcs and all else who stand in his way. And he would. His focus and pride became nothing beyond Murderous and Serial savagery in pursuit to better his skills. Now older, wiser, and keen to observation, he's a manipulator of his craft, and any others that step in his way. He is a Magisterial to judge others and their lives.

-[u:rngjbu88]Grade [1-10][/u:rngjbu88]-
-Hand to Hand: 6
-Claws: 1
-Small Sword: 2
-One-Handed Sword: 3
-Two-Handed Sword: 1
-Small Axe: 1
-One-Handed Axe: 3
-Two-Handed Axe: 1
-Small Bludgeon: 5
-One-Handed Bludgeon: 8
-Two-Handed Bludgeon: 1
-Staff: 1
-Wand: 5
-Exotic: 1
-[u:rngjbu88]Magic (Arcane)[/u:rngjbu88]-
--Abjuration: 4
--Conjuration: 8
--Divination: 2
--Enchantment: 3
--Evocation: 2
--Illusion: 1
--Necromancy: 10
--Transmutation: 8
--Universal: 5
-[u:rngjbu88]Magic (Divine)[/u:rngjbu88]-
--Domain (Magic): 8
--Domain (Plague): 5
--Domain (Undead): 7
--Egotist (Psychometabolism): 1
--Kineticist (Psychokinesis): 1
--Nomad (Psychoportation): 1
--Seer (Clairsentience): 1
--Sharper (Metacreativity): 1
--Telepath (Telepathy): 1

-Buckler: 4
-Small Shield: 8
-Large Shield: 6
-Tower Shield: 1
-Light Armor ([i:rngjbu88]Cloth[/i:rngjbu88]): 4
-Medium Armor ([i:rngjbu88]Leather[/i:rngjbu88]): 5
-Heavy Armor ([i:rngjbu88]Plate[/i:rngjbu88]): 2
-Assault Armor: ([i:rngjbu88]Sectional[/i:rngjbu88]): 8
-[u:rngjbu88]Magic (Arcane)[/u:rngjbu88]-
--Abjuration: 2
--Conjuration: 4
--Divination: 3
--Enchantment: 6
--Evocation: 1
--Illusion: 1
--Necromancy: 8
--Transmutation: 8
--Universal: 5
-[u:rngjbu88]Magic (Divine)[/u:rngjbu88]-
--Domain (Magic): 7
--Domain (Plague): 2
--Domain (Undead): 7
--Egotist (Psychometabolism): 1
--Kineticist (Psychokinesis): 1
--Nomad (Psychoportation): 1
--Seer (Clairsentience): 1
--Sharper (Metacreativity): 1
--Telepath (Telepathy): 1

[b:rngjbu88]Natural Abilities:[/b:rngjbu88]
-Dark-vision: The Drow while once having been similar to the Elves, lost their Keen Sight ability through millennia of living in caverns and instead have Dark-vision out to a range of 120 feet.

-Resistance to Poison: Through the millennia of breeding with demons and experimentation with poisons, all Drow have developed a resistance to poison. It develops into something greater but to start it manifests as immunity to natural venom and poorly made alchemical poisons.

-Resistance to Plague/Disease: Due to such extensive time with undead and the means of Necromancy, he has obtained the ability to resist sickness. It comes natural to him as any Drow to Poison, and with such can easily carry plague or disease upon himself without being effected while still being a host for others to catch it from.

-Lich Aspect: While not actually an Undead, his time with the undead and Necromantic style has given him an in depth pull into their derangement. Still a living creature, he gains most the aspects an undead would including; Is not subject to greater damage to critical strikes to organs, nerve joints, spine or lose of limb (Still subject to dying if his head is cut off or heart is puncture). Absorbs Negative spells and energy, immune to effects involved in draining his abilities, energy, fatigue, confusion, paralysis, and Hex/Curses and effects of pain. No longer needs sleep, food, air, water but is still subject to resting to replenish his casting pool. And last but not least; Due to the undead aspect, the caster has a high resistance to damage dealt by piercing or slashing weapons, but is not subject to resistance against bludgeoning or elemental damage (Bullet could hit and do less damage, but the heat of the friction could still burn him.)

-Sense Alloy: Any Metallic ore, pure or refined within 1000 feet can be sensed by this man. Due to his Augmentation with Adamantine, he now has an altered sense that not only tells him the property of the metal, but any pits, weaknesses, how well it was crafted and any low magic that was merged onto the item (If any).

-Augmentation Meld: By focusing on the metallic parts of his body (Right arm from Elbow down, Legs from knees down) He can Re-shape them to more suitable tools or shapes. While not able to change them drastically, it allows him to change the compound of the metal into other alloys as well as the density, shape and compound (Liquid, Solid, Semi-liquid, Sectional Gears, etc). Even by doing so, he can add a minor elemental either containing Ion or Kinetic properties.

-Raise Augmented Dead (Arcane Necromancy): Unlike most Necromantic spells to raise the dead, this is an altered version debating on the natural abilities of this man. Unlike most casters that simply fling the spell, he instead takes a more physical approach. With a focus of power to his Adamantine Augmented Hand, a thrust of his fingers into the ground to literally pluck the undead from the earth by their skull. Doing so doesn't harm or deal damage to the undead, but instead merges his Organic alloy into the undead, thus turning them into Construct base. Normally they bodies look practically the same besides the metallic shift of color and small simple plates of armor taking to the joints. Normally weapons and/or shields appear in their grip as well, depending on what the Caster is going for at that moment.
--Undead able to be summoned are; Skeleton, Greater Skeleton, Zombie, Plague Zombie, Bone Golem, Flesh Golem, Ghoul, Ghoul Berserk, Nightwalker, Flesh Eater, Fleshy Ooze, Lesser Lich.(Never able to summon all of them at the same time.)

-Plague Breath (Offensive Divine): Like any other breath weapon, the caster can manipulate plague to vomit into a gaseous form from his mouth, clearing an area in a 20 food radius, or a 40 foot cone every 5 seconds. The plague is a flesh eating type, usually infesting to the nervous system of it's victim of organic means and fleshing out from the inside. The side effects include nausea, blurry vision, fatigue, paralysis, seizures, and a tent of yellow to the flesh.

-Plague Breath, Greater (Offensive Divine): Much like the weaker version, this breath weapon is expelled from the mouth to create a gas based sickness to spew forth from the caster. While the plague is just as powerful without benefit, it holds an addition; Thousands of Locus conjure from the caster's mouth. These Locus act under their caster's will attacking the nearest enemy to them. Mutated with stingers they're around 3 inches long and contain a poison tipped barb at the end of their abdomen. They act as an aggravated swarm and carry the plague to any of it's targets.

-Plague carrier (Offensive Divine): Touch based magic to infest any raised dead to carry plague or disease based magic as an aura effect of 10 foot radius. The effect is continuous allowing it to constantly re-produce the aura about itself but never spreading further than the 10 foot area of it's target.

-Metal Wrought (Offensive Buff): An extremely rare based spell. By applying to one's touch, or a hand held weapon, or shield, or even targeting to an undead it delivers a metal eating plague. Unlike acid or rust, it gives off no smell or physical notice ahead of time, breaking apart the metallic compound from the inside and causing the metal to become frail, brittle. Within 15 seconds a 3 inch plate can become a hollow shell in on itself.

-Adamantine Army(Defensive Buff): A hex based magic composed of a large symbol centered around the feet of the caster. The symbol while not harmful, reaches over 200 feet in radius and only effect the Undead in it's surroundings. (Yes ALL undead, not just his). The Hex based Symbol, and all undead within it (Including the caster) gain a negative energy based buff. The undead gain a low sentient intelligence that is still subject to it's creators control, and an enhancement to placing damage and speed of thought to action (How fast one can process what they see or hear and act on it). And finally, the skeletal form grow adamantine barbs around it's body, not subject to hampering their movements.

-Wrought Vines: As the spell suggests, the caster summons the earth to spit out a 100 foot radius of thick thorny vegetation. The difference is that the coloration is a distorted deep green and brown, as well as a highly agitating poison that discreet from the vines. While not sentient, the vines uprooted are able to move themselves like tentacles to any living creature in their way (Minus the caster). The vines also contain a dozen heads that look much like 12 foot tall stalks with Fly trap like ends. The poison that coats the vines from every inch acts as a fire retardant. The plant is subject to the same resistance and immunities any undead are as well as fire based magic.

-Negative Infusion: Any being of opposing alignment struck by this touch attack, or any weapon or undead that possess it, is subject to a random effect. By either being opposet of his Lawful or Evil aspect one of these effects will be contributed to the victim for each opposed Alignment:
--Blindness (Temporary)/Deafness (Temporary)
--Confusion (Until Healed)/Nausea (Until Healed)
--Re-opening wounds (Until Healed)/Convulsion (Until Healed)
--Collapse of nervous system (Temporary)/Unconsciousness (Temporary)
--Disease infecting one's heart (Curable)/Disease causing bleeding of the brain (Curable)
--Loss of colored vision (Permanent)/Loss of hearing a specific tone (Permanent)
--Schizophrenia (Temporary)/Manic Anxiety (Temporary)
--Physical Fatigue (Until Rest)/Mental Fatigue (Until Rest)
--Blisters (Until Healed)/Scabs (Until Healed)
--Internal Bleeding (Until Healed)/Migraine (Until Healed)

-Azghoul (Conjuration/Necromancy):
[img:rngjbu88] ... 43faf4.jpg[/img:rngjbu88]
During his adept life it was ritual for each of the passing students to enter the realm of the Undead. Their goal? To obtain a guardian. If they fail they die and simply vanish from any ideals the Pale Master's had. In this Trial the caster obtained the submissive oath of Azghoul, a specialized warrior in Offensive combat. While mostly physical his Guardianship created a bond between himself and the caster, granting Azghoul a heightened sense of himself and his abilities. In terms Azghoul became a merged between Familiar and Cohort able to be summoned at the Caster's aid.
--Azghoul's abilities:
---Immunity: Piercing damage (Magical/Energy/Physical).
---Undead Manifest: Any skills or experienced obtained in his previous life return.
---Minor Necromancy: Skeleton summoning (6 total)
---Undead Traits.
---Returned Sentient: memories bound to submissive contract return.
---Memory extraction (Undead): Upon touch, able to revive the memories of a previously killed target. (Does not work against living dead; I.E. Vampire, Lich)
---Kinetic Augment: Able to manipulate Kinetics into weapon, armor, or shield donned by Azghoul.

-[i:rngjbu88]1st Staff Magistrate[/i:rngjbu88]-
[img:rngjbu88] ... de_M-1.jpg[/img:rngjbu88][img:rngjbu88] ... de_M-2.jpg[/img:rngjbu88]
[b:rngjbu88]Type:[/b:rngjbu88] Assault Armor (Modified Plate)
[b:rngjbu88]Description:[/b:rngjbu88] Refined Adamantine with Titanium overcoat armor. While not fully covered of the body, it was modified to cover the more important or revealed part of the caster's body. Also it was modified to have thinner layers of armor to allow the Caster to use spells without hampering the natural movements of his limbs and torso.
[b:rngjbu88]Ability:[/b:rngjbu88] Plague Carrier: Able to freely cast Plague or Disease based spells upon this armor to store for a later time. The caster to Donn this armor is immune to the effects of his spell cast upon it.

-[i:rngjbu88]Mace of Obelisk[/i:rngjbu88]-
[img:rngjbu88] ... ludg-1.jpg[/img:rngjbu88]
[b:rngjbu88]Type:[/b:rngjbu88] One-Handed Bludgeon (Mace)
[b:rngjbu88]Ability:[/b:rngjbu88] Judgment: Any opponent or victim struck by this large mace either to body, armor, weapon or shield, will instantly be under it's effect. While not a powerful spell, it allows it's wielder to gain information on it's opponent's/victim's alignment. It even obtains information to level out the person's purity or corrupted nature.

-[u:rngjbu88]Grim Balrog[/u:rngjbu88]-
[img:rngjbu88] ... egis-1.jpg[/img:rngjbu88]
[b:rngjbu88]Type:[/b:rngjbu88] Small Shield (Round Shield)
[b:rngjbu88]Description:[/b:rngjbu88] Resembling that of a Balrog's face, the shield was created to protect against demonic or chaotic forces. Something of an open looking maw at the center of the shield with prodding 5 inch tusk like teeth and a mischievous smile, it's rumored that the shield laughs at any victim right before death.
--Abyssal Shout: Only able to be used once per day, Abyssal takes a great toll on it's wearer. While wielding it, the shield can be used to cast a loud, demonic and echoing sound that crashing into the physical realm. The sound alone doesn't harm the wielder of the shield and shoots off in a cone effect at up to 300 feet in distance and 300 feet in width at that limit. Not only is the sound catastrophic, it tends to sound so similar to the Balrog it impersonates it tends to strike fear in inferior creatures. With such sheer power, the sound isn't the only thing to worry about, an invisible coax of kinetic energy is produced in the sound wave, causing it to char and burn anything in its path, sometimes turning sentient beings into ash. It takes a full 24 hours before the effect can be used again as the shield has to re-produce it's own energy.

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