Isis Sahoni

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Isis Sahoni

Postby Isis Sahoni » Sun Jun 25, 2017 4:58 am


• Name: Isis Sahoni
• Titles: Chosen of Eilistraee; Giantslayer ; Shadowdancer ; The Moonlit Dancer
• House: House Sahoni
• Race: Drow Demigoddess
• Alignment: Chaotic Good
• Deity: Eilistraee, Blessed by Shar
• Class: Ranger, Rogue
• Prestige Archetypes: Stormwarden, Shadow Assassin
• Magic Sources: Divine, Primal, Shadow
• Professions: Jewelcrafter, Silversmith, Swordsmith, Priestess of Eilistraee, Alchemist
• Age: 128
• Birthdate 13th of Marpenoth (leafall/october) 1355 (323 Waterdeep Reckoning)
• Birthplace: Promenade of the Dark Maiden, Undermountain
• Homelands: Waterdeep & Anauroch Black Road
• Sex: Female
• Hair: Blue-Silver
• Eyes: one silver, one pink
• Height: 5'1"
• Weight: 42kg (92lbs)
• Languages: Drow, Undercommon, Common, Elvish, Drow sign-language, Bedine (Uloushinn Dialect of Midani)


The Black Blades
House Sahoni
Church of Eilistraee (Darksong Knight)
Desai Tribe


Lulu The Dragonslayer (Blessed Moondog/Portal Hound)
Koko the Demonslayer (Blessed Silver-Eyed Dog)
Nasir of the Desai
Dajala of the Desai
Xo of Waterdeep

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