Eilistraee and other drow deities.

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Eilistraee and other drow deities.

Post by Rainbow Prism » Sat Dec 03, 2011 5:23 am

I know that she is the ONLY good drow goddess that can claim the non-evil misfits without much problems. But I got some questions.

We have a guide that has fixed gods and religions. Did anyone try to create new drow gods in homebrew setting? Maybe there were some domains you wanted to give for new drow society in your new world, but found no one from canon lore who could take it. Perhaps someone was not comfortable with matriarch idea and created big spider male god instead of Lolth? Or maybe someone wondered if great deities that are worshiped interplanary like Mystra could have manifestation for outcast race full of magic potential? What was your take?

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Aylstra Illianniis
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Re: Eilistraee and other drow deities.

Post by Aylstra Illianniis » Wed Feb 22, 2012 12:47 am

I haven't created any NEW ones, per se, in my HB world, but I have changed a few of hte "canon" ones. Lolth is "Lothrenya" and her portfolio is expanded to include scorpions, snakes, and other venomous creatures. She is called the "venom Queen" to reflect that, and her appearance has aspects of all three of those creatures (spider, scorpion, and snake) as well. Spider body and legs, scorpion tail and pincers, and snake-skin, eyes, and fangs on upper torso. It makes her downright scary! She also has assassins and deciet as part of her portfolio, to reflect the literal and figurative aspects of venom(poison).

Eilistraee was altered slightly, mostly in name. she is "Elistarrya", also called the "Moondancer", but is otehrwise about the same, though far less frequently worshipped than in other worlds.

Vaerhaun was changed to "Mordos, the Dark Hand", and is god of thieves, betrayers, pirates, shadows, and illusions. Not much changed, although he is more often worshipped by surface elves as well.

The only other one I really use is Kiaransalee, who is known as "Ozarina, the Vengeful Banshee". Pretty much the same, though not as insane.
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Re: Eilistraee and other drow deities.

Post by Rizzen » Thu Feb 23, 2012 4:18 am

Probably one of the more diverse drow settings I've seen outside of Eilistraee/D&D/whatever would be in Drowtales. Its a comic that originally started out very much so rooted in the D&D Lloth settings, but became its own setting.

If your interested in the details (or want something fun to read):
[url=http://www.drowtales.com/:2tzj3t69]The comic[/url:2tzj3t69]
[url=http://wiki.drowtales.com/index.php/Main_Page:2tzj3t69]A wiki about the comic[/url:2tzj3t69]

They have some archives showing how it originally was, they've redone the first chapters to account for the change in history/setting.

In my own campaign world the elves are (far removed) decedents of dragons and worship two distinct deities.
One is Nivian, who is a LG goddess of the sun, and is generally depicted as great metallic dragon, or a beautiful woman in bright flowing gowns. She is typically worshiped by the surface faring elves (of course)
The other is Forest, who is a LE goddess. She never appears in a humanoid form (she won't take a "weak form"), but as black dragon. Aside from her draconic influences, she represents fire and vengeance. Typically worshiped by the drow.

These two goddesses more or less replace Bahamut and Tiamat more than they do Eilistraee and Lloth.

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