Forgotten Realms: Gray Isles

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Forgotten Realms: Gray Isles

Postby magus_taliesin » Sun Dec 18, 2011 11:16 am

Hey there,

I played an Eilistraeean on the Dalelands Beyond server, but have moved on and with a few other members of the guild I had there have started a server that is still in beta. Forgotten Realms: Gray Isles. You can find us at We are open to all lore accurate RP, that means good drow too. Since we were players of good drow, and we saw first hand what a server can do to crush the RP of such a group, we have dedicated ourselves to creating a server that stands by what it advertises. A server for players, driven by players, and true to Greenwood's vision of the Forgotten Realms. We are still in beta, but our dev team is working hard. You can find us in the roleplay section of the server listing. I highly recommend checking out the forums first, as there is a slew of custom lore. We took a unique approach, that I think only a couple servers have done. The islands are on Toril, but the local lore is written by myself, the loremaster over here. While background info, and general lore is right out of the Forgotten Realms 3.5 material, there is a lot of new stuff specific to the islands themselves. Come check us out.


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