EverQuest 2 - Going Free To Play

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EverQuest 2 - Going Free To Play

Post by Shir'le E. Illios » Thu Jul 29, 2010 2:15 pm

I don't usually report on MMOs here, but well, EverQuest 2 has dark elves so it's relevant. :)

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The big MMO bombshell earlier this week was that EverQuest 2 is soon going to offer a free-to-play version of the game. The free-to-play version runs on servers separate from the main (subscription) servers, has various limitations (many of which can be partially or completely removed through micro-transactions) and it'll support itself with a micro-transaction model. But overall they're saying that it's the same game with all the same content available.

They're calling this new service "EverQuest II Extended" and there's a [url=http://www.everquest2.com/free_to_play/ ... q:1n584248]detailed FAQ[/url:1n584248] available on their website. Of particular interest is probably the "[url=http://www.everquest2.com/_themes/defau ... g:1n584248]Membership Matrix[/url:1n584248]" image, which shows the differences between the various membership options.

As you can see the free version only has access to four races ([url=http://eq2.wikia.com/wiki/Human_%28Char ... 9:1n584248]Human[/url:1n584248], [url=http://eq2.wikia.com/wiki/Erudite_%28Ch ... 9:1n584248]Erudite[/url:1n584248], [url=http://eq2.wikia.com/wiki/Barbarian_%28 ... 9:1n584248]Barbarian[/url:1n584248] and [url=http://eq2.wikia.com/wiki/Half_Elf_%28C ... 9:1n584248]Half-Elf[/url:1n584248]). Yes, that means that [url=http://eq2.wikia.com/wiki/Dark_Elf_%28C ... 9:1n584248]Dark Elf[/url:1n584248] isn't one of the free options; just as in Dungeons & Dragons Online's free version you'll have to pay extra to unlock the race (I don't know how much that'll be, but I suspect somewhere between $5 and $10). You're also limited to eight classes ([url=http://eq2.wikia.com/wiki/Swashbuckler:1n584248]Swashbuckler[/url:1n584248], [url=http://eq2.wikia.com/wiki/Brigand:1n584248]Brigand[/url:1n584248], [url=http://eq2.wikia.com/wiki/Wizard:1n584248]Wizard[/url:1n584248], [url=http://eq2.wikia.com/wiki/Warlock:1n584248]Warlock[/url:1n584248], [url=http://eq2.wikia.com/wiki/Guardian:1n584248]Guardian[/url:1n584248], [url=http://eq2.wikia.com/wiki/Berserker:1n584248]Berserker[/url:1n584248], [url=http://eq2.wikia.com/wiki/Templar:1n584248]Templar[/url:1n584248] and [url=http://eq2.wikia.com/wiki/Inquisitor:1n584248]Inquisitor[/url:1n584248]). Again the remaining classes are said to be purchasable. There's a level limit of level 80 (which I think is pretty much the level limit without the latest expansion, to which you don't get access, anyway) and a limit of two character slots. There's also a limit to your spell tiers and what equipment levels you can use; at the moment it looks like that can't be upgraded (without going for a normal subscription). Not sure how much that impacts the game. And there are limits on bag slots, money, number of quests at once, etc.

I've never played EverQuest or EverQuest 2, but I might want to give it a try (which means I'll be busy as I'm also looking to give the soon free-to-play Lord of the Rings Online a try). I'm even considering, based on how much it'll be, of buying the dark elf race and playing one of those (though otherwise I'll just try a half dark elf). I've done a little research into the race and it seems that you're forced to be 'evil' (limited to the evil cities and playing neutral or evil classes). But the cool thing is that there's [url=http://eq2.wikia.com/wiki/Betrayal_Timeline:1n584248]a way to change alignment[/url:1n584248]; there's a quest (that you can do at level 10, but it's advised to wait until level 20) to betray your city (at which point you become an outcast and hated by everyone) and then you can work to gain faction standing with one of the good cities. Sounds very tedious, but also sounds quite interesting and in keeping with playing a dark elf.

Anyway, I thought that this might be interesting. :)

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P.s. I just picked a random EQ2 dark elf image for the header. ;)
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