thalons characters

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thalons characters

Postby Thalon Mercrow » Thu Jan 31, 2008 4:49 am

I saw how old and outdated my bio was so decide to update it with this one I wrote recently its not quite finished and I plan to finished the final part real soon. also iv comminsid a master artist do a 28 mm model of my chacter as well as a portrait of him(as well as my new CN pale master/necromancer chacter which I will also post here) which I will post here heres a rough draft of thalons pic

and heres two rough sketchs of my master/necromancer Maiaias

il be posting a bio of maiaias soon but hhere a hint at his persionlity his name in elven means "deaths mate" or "deaths husband" :devil:

The saga of thalon mercrow

Many millennia ago two different races of elves met in the dark untamed forests of mirkwood and formed a pact of friendship that lasts to this day, hopeing to form a settlement the two clans came to an unusual agreement. the mercrows a clan of tough resourceful wood elf rangers swore to forsake all forms of art save one, the art of war! and having taken this burden upon them selves they were charged with the defense of the community and all relations with outsiders While the high elves of Ai’alsur gave up the way of the blade to focus on the day to day running of the community as well as all artistic pursuits. As a result of this pact the mercrows and to a lesser extant the Ai’alsur have a different out look on life, love, war, and everything else.

The time of wandering
The mercrow clan is unique in the fact that from the moment that there born to there 25th winter they train nonstop in only the martial arts. How ever upon the 25th winter (the time an elf physically becomes an adult) they journey off on what is known as the time of wandering. During this time the wander goes of into the world to hone his skills and test his mettle, and to have a chance to experience things denied to them before such as the arts. elves that participate in the time of wandering may take many paths, some learn of the arts and forsake there martial training in favor of there new interest and may return to the village to pursue there new path with no stigma attached, others that continue there training may leave there community to seek there fortune and never return but most become adventures for awhile only to return to mirkwood to share there tales, take up defense of the community and to train the next generation. Thalon is currently on his 8 winter on his time of wandering.

The mercrow views
Because of there unique pact the mercrow clan has a vastly different views than other elves, indeed other elves often joke that the mercrows are more “outsider than elf” indeed the mercrow shun that which is usually assiateed with elves, the mercrows despise jewelry seeing it as gaudy and unnecessary they are almost always seen in there armor and when they are occasionally unarmored they dress in simple comfortable clothing in earthen tones, dark green or black the styles vary but are usually Spartan in nature. While not skilled crafters( the Ai’alsur are the craftsmen of mirkwood) the mercrow are capable of producing there own arms and equipment often rivaling that of Ai’alsur craftsmen (alothe the Ai’alsur would disagree) a few notable examples are the crowfether armor and twin swords “Crimson” and “Icesing” all three of which are carried by thalon. as with most things the mercrow view magic and technology as weapons for war leaving the artistic and scholarly side of magic up to there high elf compions indeed the mercrow clan has boasted a few powerful wizards few and far between its long history. Alothe very much militant in nature the mercrows aren’t warmongers indeed they see war as the very last resort after all negotiations have failed . fighting styles vary from elf to elf but the most common tactic is one of stealth, laying traps ,ambushing from the dark, volleys of arrow from hidden perches. these are but a few of the tactics the mercrows employ, very rarely do they engage in open warfare instead preferring guerilla tactics. mercrows views on love are pretty much the same as your ordinary elf. Mercrows do not fear death but nor do they seek to court it on a constant bases funerals are usually simple affairs designed to send the desceced soul to there respective deity and afterlife and reunite the body with the natural world. after which the heirlooms are handed down to the recipients that the deceased felt were worthy of them the recipient need not be a mercrow or even an elf so long as the departed believed they were worthy of this honor.

Thalon mercrow, ranger of eilistraee
Thalon mercrow is a 33 year old ranger currently on his 8th year of wandering. as with all mercrows thalon left the comfort of his home to better himself and to teach the next generation of mercrows upon eventually returning home to mirkwood.....(and this is where i left off and will update thalons soon as well as maiaias)

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