This is my story.The Trail of the Drows.

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This is my story.The Trail of the Drows.

Post by KellickBloodwood » Thu Jun 07, 2007 3:05 am

[center:3vh8b9sn]The Trail of the Drows
Matt Kukkonen[/center:3vh8b9sn]


[t:3vh8b9sn]Imaxle Zaughym of the 13th house and Bergjss Do’Zynge of the 15th house are Drows and were born in Menzoberranzan. They were secretly friends and they would go out when the light of Narbondel glowed low. They felt unbearably foreign in a place they know as home. When together they did not use here Proper names instead Imaxle was Kellick and Bergjess was Shelia.
[t:3vh8b9sn]House Do’Zynge was plotting to destroy house Zaughym, for they have fallen out of Lolth's Favor. Shelia feared for Kellick's safety and when Narbondel was showing a dim glow, she snuck out to find Kellick. Kellick was going to the cave that served as the hide out when Shelia jumped on his back and gave him a big hug. He saw great pain when he stared into the glowing red orbs moistened by concern. "What is wrong my dear friend?" water coming to his eyes from feeling the sorrow in Shelia nearly ripping him apart.
[t:3vh8b9sn]"I'm glad you are safe" she said, hugging him again, this time with two rivers running down her slender face. "Matron LiNeeereth Do'Zynge has begun the attack on you house, and I am the one to kill you..." caching her breath and trying to stop crying she continued "...but I love you to much!"
[t:3vh8b9sn]"I love you too" then Kellick instinct kicked in when he spied the shadow in the cave twitch. His left sword appeared in his hand behind Shelia to bate the creacher out by making it think it had the element of surprise. Then Shelia, who noted the red glowing orbs of something looking in the infrared spectrum, drew her short sword. Her eyes glowed crimson while she was looking through the infrared spectrum. They see a crouched elf form. “Get Ready!” Kellick whispered to her.
[t:3vh8b9sn]“I’m always ready” she replied. They spun, drawing their other swords, into a defensive crouch. the streams of sliver hair flying out of their faces.
[t:3vh8b9sn]The elf stood up, “Name yourselves and reason you’re out of Menzoberranzan, NOW!” he demanded in the drow tong. Shelia and Kellick where caught off guard for only a second.
[t:3vh8b9sn]“You have no right to ask houseless drow, now defend yourself!” Kellick shouted as loud as he dared. Kellick charging doing a double slash down from left to right suddenly dropped to his knees now going for the hip and the right knee, then following that same motion he slid his leags out from under him to trip the drow, but was foiled by a jumping parry. Then a short sword coming down from his left opposite the long sword to his right suddenly stopping on two short swords above kellick’s head held by the sneaky Shelia, her black skin blending into the shadow in the normal site spectrum.
[t:3vh8b9sn]“Imaxle, Bergjss, it you is it not!” The drow said.
[t:3vh8b9sn]“Lymeaufeinyrr, I thought you were dead on that raid 20 years ago. What happened up there?” Kellick asked relived to see his brother alive. Shelia’s face seamed to brighten instantaneously as she ran over to hug him
[t:3vh8b9sn]“You know how no other drow made it back alive when they where killing the surface dwellers. Just hearing the screams, I lost it. Lets get into the cove and I will tell you the story.”
[t:3vh8b9sn] “We need to get little Sammy out since our house is going to be destroyed.” Kellick worried again for his little sister who was still innocent to the ways of the drow. “I can’t go back to the city or your cover is blown Shelia. What do you need to bring back to show that I am dead?”
[t:3vh8b9sn]Tears coming back to her eyes she said “I need the neck pouch drenched in you blood.”
[t:3vh8b9sn] “You’re a Priestess, right? You can heal us afterward?” Lymeau Said.
[t:3vh8b9sn] “What do you mean US?” Shelia nervously asked.
[t:3vh8b9sn] “You will be praised if you killed both your target and a renegade drow of the same family. And I have healing salve that does wonders on deep wounds.” Lymeau insisted
[t:3vh8b9sn] “I don’t think I have the nerve to do it.” Shelia cried.
[t:3vh8b9sn] “Lymeau and I will fight. All you have to do is heal us.” Kellick interjected.
[t:3vh8b9sn] “Ok let us spar with solid hit but no vitals.” Lymeau said happily.
[t:3vh8b9sn] “Let’s see how well I have learned.” Kellick replied eagerly as he readied both of his long swords as Lymeau, who fought differently then most fighters who duel-wield, readied his long sword in his left hand (even though his dominant hand is his right) and his short sword in his right.
[t:3vh8b9sn] “We have no time! I’ll go get Sammy and we’ll be back here in a few minutes.” Shelia insisted.
[t:3vh8b9sn] “Wait, how are you going to get in?” Kellick asked.
[t:3vh8b9sn]“I found one of your priestess dead and I have been infiltrating for a week now.” Shelia explained
[t:3vh8b9sn]“I though I saw you in the temple.” Kellick replied in shock.
[t:3vh8b9sn]“Get going Bergjss!” Lymeau instructed Shelia.

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i will get more discriptev it is a work in progress

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Post by KellickBloodwood » Wed Apr 08, 2009 9:22 pm

[t:j2fnkzq1]“Were is that worthless priestess now” demanded Matron Neerwiira’myr Zaughym
[t:j2fnkzq1]“We can’t find her” one priestess said.
[t:j2fnkzq1]“Here I am Matron Neerwiira’myr, Sorry I’m late, some worthless guards kept me at bay with some pointless questions.” Shelia explained.
[t:j2fnkzq1]“Every one out now except you, come here NOW!” The Matron demanded to Shelia.
[t:j2fnkzq1]All of the others left except one hidden behind one of the statues in the temple, her head right next to a strange symbol and completely oblivious to it, covered by her pafwa. Matron Neerwiira’myr muttered some syllables then the spy could not here anything but was seeing lips move. It looked like gibberish to the spy because the Matron and Shelia were using the intricate drow sign language while mouthing nonsense. “I sense that there is a spy near by, go find it,” the Matron signed.
[t:j2fnkzq1]“Right away Matron Mother” Shelia replied. Shelia looked with her infravision and saw nothing then in the normal spectrum and noted a piece of cloth by a statue. Then she disappeared from the infrared spectrum it made the spy jump giving away her position then a bolt of lightning hit her and fell onto the floor, her lifeless body still twitching from the energy going through her nerves system. Shelia looks at the medallion with her family's symbol of Do’Zynge and shows it to Matron Neerwiira’myr.
[t:j2fnkzq1]“Does it shock you that I killed one of you family, Bergjss?” the Matron questioned Shelia.
[t:j2fnkzq1]“How did you know who I am? And no it does not shock me.” Shelia nervously answered.
[t:j2fnkzq1]Neerwiira’myr replied “My son dreams of you a lot, Bergjss or should I say Shelia? You should check where the spy was for any hint of magic.” Shelia levitates up to the statue and casts detect magic and saw that a figure of a nude drow female dancing with a broad sword, stared to glow.
[t:j2fnkzq1]Shelia said “There is a figure of a female with a broad sword. I have never seen anything like it.”
[t:j2fnkzq1]“It is the sign of Eilistraee, the good drow goddess and sister to Lolth, and I am one of her high priestess helping people to get to the surface. This room is protected from Lolth’s eyes and ears, but I think that it is no longer safe for me or my family.” The Matron explained with a hint of sadness on her voice.
[t:j2fnkzq1]“I am here to get Samyr and get to the surface with Imaxle and Lymeaufeinyrr. My mother is going to attack here in two days.” Shelia replied.
[t:j2fnkzq1]“My son Lymeau is alive? I have to see him bring him here please, I beg you.” Neerwiira’myr demanded joyfully. “Wear these medallions, they will hide you from Lolth's vision, and come here I can get you out on to the surface.” Shelia put the amulet on and pulled her silver hair out from underneath the chain and put it under her robe and ran out the door.Shelia ran into another priestess and knocked her to the ground, she notice that the priestess also had a medallion.
[t:j2fnkzq1]“You need to get out of here now, Matron Mother Do’Zynge is going to attack in two days.” Shelia said after she helped her off the ground and she ran away.

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