Path of Darkness: The Assassins way

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Path of Darkness: The Assassins way

Post by Darkros » Wed Oct 12, 2011 4:18 am

Traveling through the corridors of House Elisep'ghym, Tazaste Uhlsnarafein Malfume prepared to meet up with his Soldiers in the courtyard. The 27th house would fall tonight, and no one would know until Narbondel was lighted in the morning. Sighting a guard ahead of him, Tazaste stepped into the shadows next to him. He waited for the drow to pass him before reaching out and slitting his throat. He quickly wrapped a cloth around his neck, preventing the blood from staining the hallway, and slid the body out of a window. Walking away, Tazaste arrived at the courtyard, seeing Captain Iimlaunim leading the others in from the other side. One of his soldiers fired his hand bow. A body dropped right in front of Tazaste, causing him to look up for just a second, before greeting the Captain in the telepathic language of the House Malfume. The drow who had fired the dart quickly collected it from the corpse.
'How has it been, Captain? Have all the guards in that side who haven't defected been killed?' Tazaste asked of him.
'Yes, my lord. One guard attempted to escape and warn the others, but his attempts only allowed us to make his back a pincushion, rather than his front.' Iimlaunim replied, saluting the First son.
'Ha! Don't they ever learn? Good job. We now are traveling into the inner sanctum of the house. From here on in are only the nobles of the house. Are you ready?'
'Yes, my lord. We will follow you to the realm of Lolth itself.' The captain signaled to his men to follow, and Tazaste immediately set off down the third hallway. Walking quickly, they saw no one until the court yard was far behind and below them. Tazaste saw seven doors, one for each member of the house, he assumed. Signaling the men to cover him, he slipped into the first door and stabbed the lowest daughter in the breast. She woke up and struggled for about thirty seconds before she gave up her hold on life. Slipping the dagger from its newest sheath, the eldest son made it look as if she was still sleeping, and left the room. He slipped into all of the other rooms and did the same until he came to the room of the matron.
'Hand me the dagger.' He said, reaching out towards Iimlaunim. The captain set the sacrificial eight pronged dagger which had been stolen from the houses altar. It seemed fitting that the dagger used by the matron mother would end up killing her. Stepping into the room, Tazaste, keeper of the winged ones, wrapped both of his hands around the dagger, and plunged the dagger into the breast of the woman lying in the bed. The bitch sat up, looked up at her killer, and fell sideways.
Tazaste backed up, bumping into one of the matrons favorite torture devices. "Iimlaunim, this is not the matron!" The captain raced in at the lords’ whisper, and stared at the woman.
"Men, check the other rooms, make sure she isn't in one of those, and Veszafein, follow me to the altar!" Iimlaunim pointed at his men, and then ran off down the hall. 'It was a good idea you had, covering all signs of your house.' His sister thought to him, seeing his problem through him. 'Yes, Nedithra, I know it was a good idea. Can you and Matron Maldriira locate Matron Elips'ghym for us?' He responded. 'We started the moment I saw that you had lost her. She is hiding in the alter room, on top of the statue of her Dark Majesty.'
Using the hand language of the drow, the eldest told the remaining men to follow him, and ran down the hallway towards the altar room. Coming to the court yard, Tazaste turned and began sprinting down the hall, hoping he would get there before the Matron killed his captain. The man was good, and Tazaste didn't wish to lose him any time soon. Reaching the altar, he saw he was just in time and threw a globe of darkness down on the robe of the matron mother as she reached out with her eight headed snake whip to strike down the captain. Iimlaunim turned at the sound of many feet sprinting into the room, and bent backwards to avoid the whip heads.
"Who the... What the... FUCK!" the matron screamed, trying to see who had thrown the globe. Tazaste slid to a stop and signaled for his men to raise the hand bows. All twenty darts flew into the globe, and twenty meaty thunks came out. Tazaste walked over to the captain, and checked him, making sure that he had dodged all of the whip heads. "Sir, I am fine, you need to check the matron, make sure she is dead. That screech will have woke the guards, and sent them running. We need to leave soon." Leaving Iimlaunim, the eldest walked to the dissipating globe of darkness.
"The matron is dead. Let us climb through the window and get out before the guards arrive." Having said that, Tazaste ran towards the wall, and used cracks to pull himself up to the window. Reaching it, he pulled though and levitated down to the ground. He started walking towards the house wall. The rest of the assassination party landed directly behind him and began following. Reaching the wall, they climbed the vines going up the wall and jumped off the other side.
'Nedithra, the family has been killed and the matron is dead. By the lighting of Narbondel tomorrow, we will be the 27th house of Menzoberranzen. How is Matron Maldriira's pregnancy?' He reported. 'She went into labor just after you left. The child is almost here, but she is losing a lot of blood. She may not make it.'
"Men, the matron mother may be dying. We must hurry." and with that, Tazaste sprinted away, towards the newest 27th house of Menzoberranzen.

“PUSH! The head is almost out! Breathe, in, out, in, out! Now push!” The midwife yelled, holding Matron Maldriia’s legs seperate. "Rrraaaaaannnhhh! Damnit! FUCKFUCKFUCKFUCK! Why the fuck did I think this was a good idea!" The matron yelled, shaking the house, and probably waking up most of the area.
"Mother! Just push! The sooner this is over with, the better you'll feel!" Minra shouted back, trying to avoid thinking about her crushed hand. At that moment, wailing came from between Matron Maldriia's thighs, and then the Matron Mother let out one last roar before the midwife pulled the baby all the way out."It's a male," she said disdainfully.
"That’s good, we need a wizaARGHG!" The matron spasmed and thrashed. "My lady! You have lost much blood! Nedithra, hold the child, Minra, help me stop the bleeding!" The midwife grabbed a pile of clothe and pressed it against the matrons thighs, at the same time shoving the newborn male to his sister. Nedithra grabbed the boy and held on to him, making sure that the umbilical cord didn't end up around his neck. He stopped screaming and stared at his sister’s face. At age 115, she was just coming into her prime and looked almost as beautiful as her mother. She grabbed a knife from a nearby table, sliced the umbilical and tied it at the stump, just as she had done for the elder son. She stared at the boy for almost an entire minute before she looked up and saw the matron expire, leaving her as the Matron Mother.
"WHERE IS SHE!?!?!" A shout came from downstairs, accompanied by several crashes and a thumping on the stairs. Tazaste came barging in, with several servants futily attempting to hold him back. "You are too late, elderboy. Matron Maldriira is dead, and I am the Matron Mother of House Malfume." Nedithra said, holding on to the boy, the last gift from her mother.
"DAMNIT!" the elderboy yelled, his fist going through the wall. "So then, matron, what is the name of the second boy?" He looked at the face of his new brother, and saw that his eyes were purple, unlike his own yellow ones, and he saw that this boy was not his fathers child.
"Drithor. Drithor Istroosd Malfume."

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