Dark Skin, Golden Heart

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Dark Skin, Golden Heart

Postby NathreeDe'Shezbron » Mon Apr 11, 2011 9:38 pm

Menzoberranzen, infamous City of the Drow, a city truly worthy of the lightless depths of the Underdark. The city itself was undoubtedly beautiful, rivaling the architectural prowess of the ancient elven cities on the surface. However, that was not what earned it its resting place far below the surface of Faerun. The city's inhabitants, the drow, dark elves, feared across all of Faerun for their skill with the blade, magic, and stealth, their name was whispered with fear by all, and with respect by those who have chanced upon crossing paths with one and surviving the experience. Truly, such a marvelous race was a rare chance in the eternal darkness of the Underdark. The drow, whether imbued by their goddess, the Spider Queen Lolth, or by the cataclysmic nature of their banishment and interment in the Underdark developed marvelously to their new environment. They had the ability to see a body's heat, rather than depending on light to show their surroundings. They could create globes of absolute darkness, and also flames of color that did not burn. The ones who belonged to nobility could even levitate at will. Obviously this was a race bred for war and strife, which Lolth all too happily propagated through the priestesses and Matron Mothers.
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