Black Mirage

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Black Mirage

Postby Rhei Lor'akris » Sat Jun 05, 2010 3:40 am

It was a rather pleasant if a little chilly eve on the rock wall of a large cavern. The ambiance was almost ghost like, but the deep howl of the breeze that blew up from the bottom of a large rift gave it an almost majestic yet darkly serene character to the whole sense of the place. Sitting on the edge of a small flat gradient overlooking a city below was the slender form of a dark elf male. His long white hair trailing behind as the wind periodically roared about the cavern and caught his face. The observing drow male sported a mixture of a black robe like shirt and dark grey trousers, a dark grey sash, lizard hide boots, a knee length black leather jacket, and a dark grey shroud. His hair was adorned with several jade pins, and was partially styled into three buns. His pure black eyes stared down into the small bustling city five hundred feet below, its various glowing buildings built atop platforms on large arching metallic supports that crossed the rift from one side to the other. His gaze belied some nostalgic reflection. This was his home, Umberweb, the Rift City, built thousands of years ago in this cavern beneath the surface of Varisia in Gorlarion’s underworld known as the Darklands. The male drow stood up, produced a pocket watch from within his coat, and after briefly noting the time, stowed it away and stepped off the ledge. The time for relaxation at the day’s end was over, and home awaited. An enchantment woven into his coat activated, bringing him to slow but graceful descent into the outskirts of the city below.

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