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Roleplaying can be a great source for stories. But whether your stories come from roleplaying or whether you wrote them separate of anything else, this is the forum to post your stories. These stories can be funny, dramatic, epic in scale, of very small scope, or really anything you can think of. Note that this forum is for posting stories only. Discussions on stories and even just simple compliments should be posted in the Out Of Character forum or by sending a private message to the author.

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Stories Board Rules

Postby Shir'le E. Illios » Thu May 18, 2006 1:24 pm

There are really only two rules on the stories forum:

  1. Only post stories.

    That means no roleplaying, no discussions, not even simple compliments. Any of those can be posted in the Out Of Character forum or by simply sending a private message to the author of the story you want to comment on.

    Also, please post only your own stories and not those written by someone else (unless, perhaps, if you have explicit consent to do so).
  2. Only one person may post in a thread.

    And that one person is the author. Everyone is free to start new threads (as long as they abide by the first rule), but only the person starting a thread is allowed to reply in it. This is to preserve the continuity of the story the original author might be telling and as such any violations will be deleted.

    The only possible exception to this is collaborative writing efforts where the original thread-starter clearly states the other authors right from the start. But please note that if you want to pursue a more open form of collaborative writing then the Campaigns forum is probably better suited to your needs. In general even in collaborative writing it would probably be best to have one single person who posts all the parts of a story.
Beyond that it’s all common sense and courtesy. For example, I have no problem with people posting very mature/adult stories but I do ask to clearly classify them as such (by putting a clear warning/disclaimer in the first post and by putting a warning in the topic subject as well).

Finally enjoy reading and writing these stories. :)

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