Broken Memories, Scattered Lands...

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Broken Memories, Scattered Lands...

Postby Syramis » Sun May 11, 2008 5:17 am

Dark, it was dark... and I felt nothing...

Finally mustering the will to move, I soon found I regretted it, or at least should have. A bog, a swamp like land, miasmal looking mist covered the ground, hiding me from myself. The trees, they all looked like skeletons, but wait, what is a skeleton? Where did the word swamp or even miasmal come from? None of it made sense, and somehow, I knew none of it mattered...

Something then compelled me... survival training... it seemed the proper description. I forced myself to my feet and took quick inventory of myself and my belonging... A tattered silk attire that should have covered my entire body, a more thick weave silk sash, rope, again a proper deduction. Pouchs that held an array of items, from smokebombs to thunderstones, two halfemptied kuni quivers, and a wakazashi on the back of my 'belt'.

All at once, my sight shifted to something else, something that I knew beond a shadow of a dought should have terrified me, yet I was unphased... my fingers bore no flesh or nail... I was rotted severly, reaching up, I examined my face for damage... I had no face, or rather not what most would call one. My bottom jaw was missing, tongue dangling limp and stiff, my eye sockets were hollow as well... yet I could see, even better than I could ever remember... Yet I remember nothing, no home, no past, not even what caused this change in me, yet I knew this was a change... I was not always like this... was I?

So I sat, the urge to meditate upon the dilema took over, and I did so...

It was all I knew to do...

((I am pritty sure this is not allowed, but I will say here that if you like this, then PM me your opinions and all, look forward to hearing it all))

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