A Childrens Fable I wrote

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A Childrens Fable I wrote

Postby Talwyn Aureliano » Mon Apr 07, 2008 10:34 am

[Shir'le EDIT] Moved to Stories forum; that's what it's there for. :)

I wasn't really sure were to put this as it's not really a character story. I wrote this for a girl I knew who played on a NWN server.

I present it here for your enjoyment and if it needs to be moved I'm happy with that. 8)


This story is mine and is protected by copywrite (C2005).
It is not to be copied, reproduced or distributed in any form whatsoever.

For Rav <3 :)

Whisper Fox and the Winter Moon

The snow covered forest sparkled in the cold winter moonlight. Not a breath of wind disturbed the stillness and the only sound was the occasional swish as snow fell from overburdened tree branches. This made snow ghosts for a moment which slowly vanished into the chilly night air. Even the small stream which usually bubbled and gurgled was now frozen solid into bright zigzag patterns.

A snow filled silence blanketed the area while all the forest denizens where curled up in their burrows or nests. All the animals that was, except for Whisper Fox, who emerged from the shadow of a pine tree into the bright moonlight. Her silver fur glistened as she stood motionless and alert for a moment before silently gliding her way across the snow.

Whisper Fox was the wisest fox in all the forest and many animals would come far and wide to ask her for help and advice on important matters.

Noiselessly, she made her way through that wonderland of the tall trees and shrubs. She looked like a silver ghost as she flitted from one shadow to another in the stillness of the night. The winter moon and stars shone with breathtaking beauty, but Whisper Fox was very troubled and deep in thought as she made her way up to the high ground.

It was here that she would sit and gaze up at the full winter moon while it shone brightly down over the woodlands and valleys. Sometimes she would whisper silent questions that were always puzzling or troubling her and somehow the answer would always come as she sat alone on the high ground. Thos particular spot was very secret and none of the other animals, even the meddlesome and nosey badger, had ever been able to find it. Tonight Whisper Fox was a very troubled fox indeed. After sitting quietly for a while, she lifted her head and stretched her throat back and let out a long, wailing howl.

The mournful, eerie howl broke the silence and bounced and echoed throughout the forest. The echo carried for many miles across the landscape until it reached the part of the forest that was broken and dying.

The humans were felling more and more trees, destroying the homes of her friends and loved ones. Many now were homeless and out in the cold and many of the elder animals had come to Whisper Fox to ask her what they must do. This was the reason for her troubled state of mind and she had a sad feeling that the winter moon was not going to be able to give her an answer this time.

Far out over the distant meadow, she could see the twinkling lights of the new homes of the humans. These homes were once part of her beloved forest and had been the happy dwelling of many of her animal friends. The distant yellow lights looked warm and inviting from so far away, but Whisper Fox knew that they represented the worse danger both she and the forest had ever known.

The winter moon continued to shine brightly throughout the night while Whisper Fox sat staring, waiting for an answer. She waited and waited that long, cold night until the first hazy rays of winter sunlight began to creep across the horizon.

The rising sun first touched the tops of the pine trees, colouring their snow covered peaks a rosy, pastel pink. A gentle mist swirled in the valley and became a grey-blue swirling sea which drained into the sparking snow as the sun rose higher.

Whisper Fox saw sadness in the transcendent beauty of the dawn, it was just so serene, so spectacular. Yet, with it came the first sharp crack of an axe and the terrible splintering of a falling tree. The sound struck her like a crushing blow to her heart and her bright eyes flashed with tears as the sound from the direction the awful noise came from.

From the humans.

Silently, she slipped out of the morning sunlight back into the shadows of the forest.

But tonight, when the winter moon rises again high in the sky and all is still, she will return again to sit quietly gazing up at the moon, desperately seeking and hoping for an answer.

It’s a sad tale as you see, she simply does not understand…..

And to tell you the truth, neither do I.
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