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Re: More Drow Art Gallery

Postby Shir'le E. Illios » Mon Sep 11, 2017 9:36 am

galadhion wrote:It's not a scimitar, but a new weapon that I'm designing for the Eryndlyn book. The sword dancers used bastard swords in 2e which don't exist in 5e. Also, elves get Dex bonuses rather that Str bonuses and the Sword Dancers are always described as lithe and graceful. So I'm making a Miyeritar Blade, which is a two-handed martial weapon with the finesse property that does 1d10 damage.

I'd call it a moon blade, but there are so many of those that it would just be confusion. So the idea is that the knowledge of how to make the swords was discovered in Miyeritar and was lost for the most part during the Dark Disaster. Only the smiths of Eilistraee know how to make the swords, and they don't share the knowledge outside of the faith. That's why the blades don't appear in the PHB and are exceedingly rare.

Faeryl has one. As does Phaedra Zauvirr. You'll meet her in the Eryndlyn book where she's a major protagonist at the Haven.

Ooh, I very much like that idea. Then again I like having toys that nobody else can have. ;)

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